AEKS Board Meeting

A historical event in AEKS’ operation took place 2016-08-30 in the cafeteria at Nevas Golf Club, when the Board and AEKS’ first employee, the IT-specialist trial worker Markus Silvennoinen, had a meeting about recent events and future tasks. This is the second meeting in the history of the organization, and a lot of decisions were made.

The Board Meeting. From left to right: Marita, Markus, Eila & Tapio

We decided to apply to as many European development projects as possible. The deadline for many applications would be in two days, but we were determined to get the wheels rolling right away. Markus agreed to make an e-mail account for AEKS as soon as possible, and later that day, Eila Heikkilä, the Manager, could send applications from the organization’s own e-mail address.

The weather was not very appealing for golfing, but we still had a great time talking and eating lunch together. Markus thanks the Board for this exciting day, and for its kindness, including paying the food. The Board is pleased with the new enthusiastic member of the team and glad that he could join the meeting.


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