Markus in trial work

We in AEKS had a pleasure of employing Markus in trial work (Work Experiment/Työkokeilu) from June to December 2016. Markus says that before his trial work, he’d been unemployed for a long time, exactly 200 weeks.

In AEKS, Markus got the position of IT-specialist in the team. The assignments included creating AEKS’ website and uploading it to the web hotel, designing the logo, business cards, brochures and other marketing material. Markus also helped out with various documents, searched for partners and also participated actively in meetings. We are very happy in AEKS to have a Member Form for membership applications on our website, also created by Markus.

Markus says that he has learned a lot during the Work Experiment, not only about IT work but also about the functions of a civil society organisation. We in AEKS believe that the experiment has supported Markus self-esteem and skills to master the work independently. For us in AEKS, it has also been a great opportunity to learn on new possibilities of communication with social media. AEKS as a civil society organisation recommends hiring people through Work Experiment as it may become a life changing experience for a young person, like Markus.