AEKS organised English Course for Seniors in Skills for Seniors Project in Vääksy

During the spring 2018, AKES organised a weekly English Course for a group of ten senior citizens in Vääksy. This course is part of the Skills for Seniors (SfS) project, which is running in project’s partner countries: Italy, Spain, Hungary, Poland, Malta and Cyprus, in addition to Finland. The English Course was organised in the participants’ homes and in the meeting room of Asikkala library. Firstly there was a preliminary test. The results showed either good or excellent level of English skills of the participants. The aim was to brush up language skills learnt during the life and encourage to talk and use English in everyday situations. We used Smart Moves text book and exercise book as well as audio. The lessons dealt with family, home, hobbies and travelling. In addition, we learnt about vocabulary related to meals, food, animals, plants, trees, and birds. We memorised basic grammar rules, verbs, tenses, passive voice etc. The EU perspective was brought in with participants’ presentations about the partner countries of SFS project. We learnt general information about the countries as well as memories and experiences of visiting the countries. The methodology of ”Suggestopedia” was used in learning. The participants were active and motivated. Ms Marita Modenius, Counsellor of Education and Director of the Board of AEKS was leading the course.