AEKS started a new project in Poland

In Christmassy Gdansk in Poland, a kick-off meeting and citizens’ discussion of the European project Strengthening civil society rights by information access for European Youth was held on 10.- 11. December 2018. The partner countries of the project are Estonia, Finland,  Belgium, Latvia and Poland. AEKS ry is a Finnish partner in the project. The project […]

AEKS organised English Course for Seniors in Skills for Seniors Project in Vääksy

During the spring 2018, AKES organised a weekly English Course for a group of ten senior citizens in Vääksy. This course is part of the Skills for Seniors (SfS) project, which is running in project’s partner countries: Italy, Spain, Hungary, Poland, Malta and Cyprus, in addition to Finland. The English Course was organised in the […]

AEKS progressing with European projects

The strategic objective of AEKS was achieved well last year, as we were successful to participate in a total of four European projects, Skills for Seniors (SFS), Impact of Eurosscepticism on the Construction of Europe, Mabel and 2Will project. 2Will (To work on the Integration of Local Life) project started in spring 2017 and will […]

Doors open to Europe: AEKS starts European Partner Cooperation

Last summer we received good news; AEKS was selected as Partner in two European Civil Society Projects. It was like receiving a present for the 100-year old Finland. AEKS was accepted in “Eurosceptisim” project coordinated by a Spanish civil society organisation and Skills for Seniors led by an Italian coordinator. The crystal ball shows that […]

Busy preparations for the Europe for Citizens Call 2017

AEKS is actively engaged in the Europe for Citizens Call in round 2017. This year the EU has interesting priorities for civil society organisation in Strand 2 ”Democratic engagement and civic participation”, such as: – Understanding and Debating Euroscepticism – Solidarity in times of crisis – Combatting stigmatisation of ”immigrants” and building counter narratives to […]

Markus in trial work

We in AEKS had a pleasure of employing Markus in trial work (Work Experiment/Työkokeilu) from June to December 2016. Markus says that before his trial work, he’d been unemployed for a long time, exactly 200 weeks. In AEKS, Markus got the position of IT-specialist in the team. The assignments included creating AEKS’ website and uploading […]