Connect Europe

The project Connect Europe conceptualizes, organizes and facilitates open public discussion and access to information, and it works to counter the increased public opinion of uncertainty and distrust in the EU. In many EU countries, we have experienced a change of discourse throughout the past years with far right movements, increasing populism, EU skepticism and mistrust in the so-called “elitist” institutions and politicians being a returning topic of discussion, especially in the media. This is connected with a lack of information about the EU and the role and results of the EU institutions. Therefore, this project emphasises on the importance of understanding the union, its values, results and its work.

The project partners of AEKS are Nyt Europa, Democracy International, Portuegese Platform for Women’s Rights, Euroregion Baltic and European Civic Forum.

AEKS organised two events in cooperation of Connect Europe partners in Finland. At Omnia campus in Espoo the project had the opportunity to have a citizens-talk with students of care-work on the importance of Dignity and the Charter of Fundamental rights on 30 October and 4 November 2019. The opportunity to discuss the hot topic of dignity of people, especially the elders in care, was much appreciated by both Omnia students and international partners. One interesting aspect to the discussion was brought by the fact that one group of care-work students had immigrant background. More information and photos at:

EU Charter of Fundamental Rights:

Lisbon Event on Chapter 3 and debate on Women’s Rights on 19-20 September 2019.

Gdansk Event on Chapter 4 Solidarity and debate of Solidarity today on 3-5 December 2019.